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KeyLeads isn't just another lead generation tool; it's a unique way for agents to get access to potential sellers before the competition

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Check your zip code

Check your zip code: See if the zip codes you cover are available by clicking the “Claim Your Zip” button above.

Once you’ve reserved your zip and have enabled the data integration, those leads are 100% locked down to you, as long as you have an active subscription. Lead quality is higher because you’re not sharing with other agents.

Access Your Leads

Access Your Leads: Upon payment, you gain immediate access to a stream of high-quality seller leads.

New leads flow in as they’re generated.

Work your leads

Work Your Leads: Call, text, direct mail, or email your leads as you best see fit.

You’ll also get notifications in real-time as they’re added, or you can drop them straight into your CRM with one of our many integration options.

BONUS: Utilize our lead conversion scripts, templates, and marketing tips to nurture and convert your leads into listings.

Why KeyLeads?

Fill your pipeline: Get a fresh batch of leads in the early stages of foreclosure to help grow your pipeline. With KeyLeads, you’ll constantly get new leads (updated daily), to help you generate more listings (and closings!)

Verified seller intent: Our targeted leads show signs of seller intent so that you can maximize your chances of having a great conversation and getting the listing. KeyLeads data shows that 30-40% of homeowners in pre-foreclosure list within 12 months!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Done For You: Leads are updated as they’re generated, and can even get sent directly into your CRM to save you time.

Local Only: Our leads are radius-based, so you’re getting leads in your exact market.

Immediate Access: As soon as you sign up, we connect you with promising seller leads.

Seamless integrations

Not tech-savvy? No worries. Get your leads directly via our platform, or you can pipe them straight into your CRM in real time. KeyLeads integrates with 84+ of the top real estate and technology platforms – here are just a few.

Our Lead Guaranty

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee 20 seller leads per month. If we fall short, we will automatically expand your area at no additional cost. If you're not happy with our service, you can cancel any time - it’s just that simple.

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Seller Lead Success Stories

At KeyLeads, we’re not just providing leads; we’re offering you a pathway to real estate success. Our commitment is to empower you with the tools, knowledge, and high-quality leads you need to thrive in a competitive market.

If you don’t have many listings, building your pipeline should be job number one. KeyLeads is a great way to start building up that pipeline, and more importantly, building relationships with future sellers.

Jenny in Oklahoma

Jenny in Oklahoma

KeyLeads is a valuable and consistent source of seller leads. The conversations with prospective sellers provisioned by KeyLeads have allowed us to quickly rebuild our listings funnel. Great service if you are looking to bolster your business, especially in a recovering market like mine.

Rick in Texas

Rick in Texas

Especially if you’re just starting, building up a database of potential sellers and nurturing them consistently is a great way to earn listings.

Chris in California

Chris in California

As you’re trying to get listings, one no-brainer daily activity should be investing in and working your leads.

Walker in Texas

Walker in Texas

Whether they come from probate, divorce, or your sphere of influence, seller leads bring a unique opportunity to connect with motivated sellers and secure listings.

JD in Texas

JD in Texas

Depending on how competitive your market is, you should be thinking about what your competitive edge is. Having unique access to a unique source of leads is one obvious way to get you an edge.

Jerimiah in Arizona

Jerimiah in Arizona

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Are the leads exclusive?

Yes! Nobody likes shared leads - they lower the lead quality. Once you've purchased leads, they are fully locked down to you and not shared with any other agents.

How is KeyLeads different than other lead sources?

Other providers will sell you "leads" at volume. Oftentimes these are lower-intent "buyer leads" who are really just consumers browsing around MLS portals. KeyLeads gives you leads that are in the early stages of pre-foreclosure. These financially distressed homeowners are often motivated sellers, which have a higher ROI compared to other sources.

What is the quality like?

KeyLeads is one of the only companies that exclusively sells full lead records. "Partial" records equal low quality. We take the stance that if you don't have an email or a phone number, how is that useful to you? You'll get all available information like Name, Email, Best Phone Number, Full Address, etc every time. Remember, the quality of a lead greatly depends on the quality of the conversation. Agents who are successful with KeyLeads understand they need to show empathy for financially distressed homeowners and carefully listen to what they need before diving into a sales pitch. With your subscription, you'll also get free resources to better understand how to work the leads and maximize your close rate.

Do you generate buyer leads too?

Our focus is 100% on generating high intent distressed homeowner leads. The main reason? Seller leads, especially those with an urgent need to sell, convert at a higher rate. These lead sell at 6x the rate.

How many leads do I get per month?

Each zip you sign up for guarantees you at least 20 leads per month. Not all leads will be in your chosen zip codes depending on lead availability, but if not, we'll give you the best leads in your surrounding zip codes. You can always add more leads at any time.

What kind of contract do I have to sign?

Unlike other providers, we stand behind our product 100%. Keyleads is offered as a monthly subscription, so if you’re not happy, you can cancel at any time. We don’t do annual deals. And unlike many lead providers, there are NEVER any early termination fees of any kind.

Where do you get your seller leads?

It's our secret sauce. We find the best seller leads by aggregating data from multiple providers, filtering out lower quality leads, and matching up with the best contact info on the market. In simple terms - KeyLeads gets you data nobody else has, and with significantly fewer "junk" leads to sift through.

I want to buy >10 zip codes - are there any discounts?

Yes! Contact our team at for special bulk purchase pricing.

How fresh is your data?

Data freshness is VERY important to quality, and it's something we take very seriously. Leads are updated daily, and if you prefer, you can use one of our 84+ integrations to drop them straight into your CRM.

How long does it take to generate my seller leads?

When you pay, you'll instantly get access to the seller leads for your zip. And we go out of our way to generate new leads for you. As new leads come in, you'll get text notifications. Or if you'd prefer, you can use one of our 84+ integrations to drop them straight into your CRM.

Are there any setup fees?

No - there are no setup fees.

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