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Our Mission

KeyLeads is the real estate industry’s brand new home for seller leads. Focused entirely on seller leads, our mission is to help agents get more listings through best-in-class pre-foreclosure leads, education, and excellent customer service.

Cynthia Seifert, Founder
Licensed Texas Realtor
TREC License #722512

Why Did I Start KeyLeads?

KeyLeads was started as a new way to get seller leads in the hands of agents. As I started to build my business in 2019 and seek opportunities to grow from a buyer’s agent only to a listing agent, I realized that there was a gap in the type of seller leads out there.

Then I had a realization – a friend introduced me to the idea of pre-foreclosure leads. These leads help fill that gap – pre-foreclosure leads are potential sellers who can benefit from the guidance of a real estate agent to help them evaluate and navigate what it would look like to sell their property. You get to these consumers shortly before they may be evaluating selling their home, and get to be the first one to build that relationship.

In the days before KeyLeads (and even before I had my real estate license!), my professional career gave me exposure to the broader real estate industry. I previously served as an executive for the National Association of Homebuilders. Before that, I sold new construction at Ryland Homes and was one of the top salespeople in my office. I have managed residential and commercial real estate across several states and have experience in all facets of real estate operations.

At KeyLeads, the challenge we want to solve for agents is helping them build a consistent pipeline to grow their business. And of course, the unique data we’re providing is our secret sauce.

We find the best pre-foreclosure leads by aggregating data from multiple providers, filtering out lower quality leads, and matching up with the best contact info on the market. In other words – KeyLeads lets you get data nobody else has, and with significantly fewer “junk” leads to sift through.

These days, I’m not actively in production anymore, so that I can spend more time helping agents build their pipeline, and ultimately, win more listings.


Grow Your Career (and Help Agents While Doing It!)

We’re looking for results-oriented, passionate, and data-driven team players who are excited about joining a fast-paced environment at a mission-focused company.

We’re always looking to talk to strong candidates with a customer-first mindset.

Plus, we have great employee benefits!
✔ Health, Dental, and Vision
✔ Education Stipend
✔ 401k Plan
✔ Life and Disability Insurance
✔ Unlimited Paid Time Off

Does this sound like you? Drop us a line at jobs@keyleads.com for our list of open positions.


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